Senior Java Process Developer (Northern Virginia)

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Senior Java Process Developer (Northern Virginia)

Resolvit IT & Management Consulting (Resolvit) is looking for a Senior Java Process Developer with a Telecomm background to work as full-time Resolvit employee

**Please note there is a difference between a Java Developer and a Senior JPD (Java Process Developer), if you DO NOT have a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience with JPD’s and Weblodgic Integration clearly visible and stated in your resume please do not apply!!

The Job Duties are as follows:
• Design and engineer the enterprise provisioning systems for high speed data, VoIP, and video services.
• HEAVY Weblogic Integration and Java Process Development.
• Must understand everything from a concept and perspective level.
• Good understanding of work flow.
• Hardcore knowledge of development.
• Demonstrate the ability to ensure technical solutions are designed, coded, implemented and operated in a reliable and cost-effective manner.
• Design and develop applications in JAVA using the technologies listed below, develop Unit testing and implementing webservices, perform application development using Weblogic or JBOSS application server, create and build installation scripts using ANT or UNIX shell, perform software design using object modeling language such as UML, program systems using ORACLE DB and LDAP as enterprise data store.
• Design patterns and Spring framework experience are also highly desired.

Required Skills:
1. Webservices
o Synchronous / Asynchronous
o Security – JXRPS & Apache
2. Weblogic Integration (WLI)
o BPS; process flow vs. work flow
o WLI deployed on Java Process Definition
o Configuration of all details in the weblodgic
3. JPD's (Java Process Definition)
4. XML
5. Java Design Patterns
o Must be a strong code writer
6. EJB 2.0
o Session
 Stateless
 Stateful
o Entity
o Message driven Bean
7. RMI (Remote Method Invocation)
9. JMS (Java Message Service)
o Ques – One to One
o Topic – One to Many
10. ANT
o Must be able to build the program
11. Spring Framework
o X stream tool XML
12. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

Expert knowledge in following areas:
• JAVA Development
• SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

Optional and preferred experience includes the following:
• Sun certified developer for JAVA 2 platforms - J2EE 5 preferred
• BEA 8.1 certified developer

Other Requirements include:
• Legal to work in U.S.
• Fluent English

All Qualified Individuals please apply via email with your salary requirements to: Melissa Lento,

No calls please! Thank you!

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