H/R Proffesional Needed for USA

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

H/R Proffesional Needed for USA

Position Title: Regional Manager / Supervisor

Category: Business Development/Management, Human Resources, Marketing

Purpose: a U.S. based company, Philadelphia International Institute (further referred to as Employer), a U.S. State Department designated program sponsor is seeking for a perfect candidate to fill the position of Regional Manager / Supervisor to administer the Employer’s operations in certain target area (state/region).

About: The Employer is a U.S. State Department designate program sponsor that facilities international cultural exchange for international university students. With a network of over 30 representative offices in more than 20 countries, the Employer offers summer/winter/spring employment opportunities for international students through its J-1 Visa Work & Travel Exchange Visitor Program.

International students participating in Employer’s Work & Travel Program visit the United States with several purposes:

- Engage into temporary employment during their main university vocation (either spring, summer or winter, depending on the country they’re coming from)
- Improve their English skills while on program
- Learn more about the Americas
- Share their culture with Americans

Job description & responsibilities: The incumbent will be responsible to administer the operations of Employer in certain target area/state/region. The following will be a list of direct responsibilities the incumbent will be held accountable for:

- Spread the information through local businesses about the availability of temporary employers on a seasonal business. Identify businesses interested in accepting seasonal staff to work at these businesses during spring, summer or winter. Collect employers’ profiles from each business and report that information to Employer (incumbents will be provided access to main electronic database to report that information);
- Remain in permanent contact with businesses signed up to accept international workers/students and provide them with up to date information on the progress of recruitment of international workers/students overseas (incumbents will be able to monitor the progress of recruitment through the online electronic database) and when applicable, notify businesses on international workers/students arrival dates;
- Arrange temporary housing facilities to accommodate international workers/students for the period of their temporary employment. Incumbents may either engage real estate agencies and/or act independently in their housing arrangement operations;
- Arrange temporary transportation for international workers/students to commute to work (where necessary); otherwise, assist international workers/students in learning and using the available local transportation sources;

- Arrange for airport pickups for international workers/students that are assigned to area of incumbent and transfer them to their temporary housing;
- Arrange for arrival orientation to provide international workers/students with basic information about the local community and other recourses available for international workers/students;
- Arrange for social security applications (all international workers/students are legally employed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and therefore will need to apply and obtain social security numbers to commence their temporary employment);
- Introduce international workers/students to their respective employers and assist in settling down in their daily lives with the local community;
- Monitor international workers/students during their presence in the United States and assist in resolving daily issues;
- Report to Philadelphia International Institute any and all difficulties, problems, concerns that the incumbent may encounter when working with international workers/students;

Eligibility Requirements: Interested candidates must meet the following requirements to apply for this position:

- be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
- possess fluent, working knowledge of English language (knowledge of other languages is an asset);
- be flexible, outgoing and communicable; remain responsive to issues and problems faced by international workers/students
- be a problem solver, be able to react effectively in resolving problems and other issues that international workers/students and/or local employers hiring international workers/students may face;
- possess a minimum of a college degree in one of the following subjects: social sciences, business administration, marketing and/or public relations;
- have at least 2 years prior work experience in a related industry (working with people);

Compensation: Qualified candidates will be offered a competitive compensation package that maybe increased based on merit, experience and efficiency.

Application procedures: Interested candidates MUST apply by either emailing their resumes to boris@workntravel.us and/or faxing their resumes at (347) 710-2290. NO PHONE CALLS ARE ACCEPTED.

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