International Teachers/Assistant Wanted - Visa Sponsorship Opportunities!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

International Teachers/Assistant Wanted - Visa Sponsorship Opportunities!

Hello and good morning,


Foreign citizen?
On a Student , Visitor’s, or other kind of visa?
Want to work legally in the US?

Enroll into a unique 2-year “Work and Train” program (H-3 Visa).
The program will allow you to work as a Teacher or Teacher Assistant, while pursuing your teacher certification training.
You will be permitted to work and receive a Social Security number, if accepted and approved.
New York and New Jersey residents (who are currently on visas. No green card holders or citizens) are welcome to apply.

Program Qualification Requirements:

1. Currently pursuing or have already completed a BA/BS or MA/MS in Teaching, School Administration, Counseling, Special Education, ESL, or in subject-areas, such as Mathematics, Sciences, World Languages, History, and other school-related subjects.

2. If a degree was pursued in subject areas such as Business Administration, Home Economics, Engineering, Psychology and such, a proof of prior teaching experience (K-12 level) is required.

3. Willing to pursue a teaching career and planning on incorporating teaching techniques in your further teaching/administrative careers abroad.

4. Current GPA of 2.5 and above

6. Prior teaching/school administration experience is preferred, but not required, except for the candidates described in item 2.

7. Current LEGAL status (no green card holders or citizens)

If you satisfy the above requirements, please, sign up for a free orientation by e-mail at (DO NOT EMAIL ANY OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS) and find out more about the program.
Indicate application code: INT-2.
All spots are secured on first-come first-served basis. No exceptions!
All orientations and most of the training component will be conducted at North Bergen, NJ location (20 min by bus from Port Authority).


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