Counterterrorism Analyst/Watch Officer- Knowledge of Arabic, Turkish, Urdu or Pashto (Washington, DC)

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Counterterrorism Analyst/Watch Officer- Knowledge of Arabic, Turkish, Urdu or Pashto (Washington, DC)

Accepting resumes for full-time Counterterrorism Analyst/Watch Officer position in the DC area at IntelCenter's 24/7 Ops Center. Send resume, relevant experience, one writing sample under 600 words, one writing sample over 1200 words and language skills to Please put "Employment" in the subject line.



Work involves providing current intelligence counterterrorism support to the intel, military and law enforcement communities. Customers are analysts and operators. IntelCenter does not provide policy support or work in any aspect of the political arena. Four core areas of work within the terrorist to rebel group spectrum are targeting, tactics, operational aspects and messaging (including videos and threat statements). Analysts work directly with operator and analytical communities at intelligence agencies, military and law enforcement in US and other friendly countries. Analyst responsibilities are specific to assigned accounts which are geographic, group or specialty focused. Analysts typically have accounts in all three categories. Watch Officer responsibilities require an awareness of activity worldwide and the significance of developments even outside of assigned accounts. Work is focused on impact. For example an analytical product with the complexity equivalent of 1+1 that assists in a takedown or interdiction is valued over a doctoral thesis that has little to no relevance to operational activity or current threat assessments. We stress impact, not academics.

-Strong critical thinking and writing skills required
-Must be driven and passionate about the work and mission
-Position involves 60+hr weeks on average and Analysts are always on-call
-Must be able to handle massive amounts of information under time pressure
-Directly involved in the production of alert products, written reports, audio/video products, books, link analysis, wall charts, briefing materials and more
-Related experience is a plus but not required
- Knowledge of Arabic, Turkish, Urdu or Pashto are a strong plus
-Must be eligible for a TS/SCI clearance if needed
-Minimum of 2-year commitment with intent to stay long term
-Starting salary 38-40K.

For more information, please visit our website:
Take care.

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