MovingToCanada?NeedHelpSettlingdown? (UAE)

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Monday, May 3, 2010

MovingToCanada?NeedHelpSettlingdown? (UAE)

Many people from Dubai are currently migrating to Canada. Although you spend a lot of time and money processing your paperwork for the migration, very little time is spent planning and preparing for the move, resulting in huge cost overuns.
How do you plan the move? Which city in Canada, who will pick you and family up from the airport (taxi can be very expensive upto $ 100), whom can you talk to about about cities in Canada, distances, cost of living, people of your ethnicity, etc. Who will arrange temporary accomodation for you and family? How do you apply for SIN Card, PR Card, etc?

Contact who provide a whole array of settlement services at low low prices that end up saving you a lot of time, worry and lots of money.

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