AFFORDABLE IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY ۩ (510) 277-2969 (San Francisco Bay Area, United States)

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

AFFORDABLE IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY ۩ (510) 277-2969 (San Francisco Bay Area, United States)

Entrust your important immigration matters to a law office committed to understanding your unique immigration situation. Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by the overposted and poorly written advertisements from immigration lawyers who barely have a handle on the English language? Place the task of finding sound solutions to your immigration issues in the hands of an attorney with a history of success, extensive experience, strong academic credentials and, most importantly, a commitment to uncompromising service for each new client.

The Law Office of Jin S. Kim
46 Shattuck Square, Suite 16
Berkeley, California 94704
(510) 277-2969
Active Member, California State Bar
Active Member, American Immigration Lawyers Association

The Law Office of Jin S. Kim is solely devoted to the practice of immigration law and dedicated to serving those seeking counsel regarding their immigration and visa issues. This office serves families seeking to reunite, small businesses seeking immigration solutions to human resource issues and churches in the US seeking to expand ethnic ministries. Family-based permanent residency adjustment of status clients are especially welcome. These clients receive a free consultation and a convenient flat fee for the adjustment of status application.

Mr. Kim is a graduate of UC Berkeley and received his Juris Doctorate at the University of Oregon, where his focus was International Law. He has been an active member of the California State Bar since 2001.

Being a consumer in the legal services market can be a daunting experience. The hazards many face are non-attorneys giving legal advice and even the rare member of the bar who preys on the most vulnerable in our society in the guise of giving them assistance. You will find these individuals on craigslist as well, posting along with the conscientious and competent attorneys.

This office strives to offer its clients uncompromising service, flexibility to meet the clients' particular circumstances and fair rates to accommodate the their financial burdens. Whether you are a US citizen seeking benefits for a family member, an F-1 student transitioning into the workplace, or a small business considering a non-resident candidate for employment, we can guide you through the process.

We take seriously the professional duties of competence and of communicating fully with our clients. All drafting is completed in-house by an attorney. An in-office conference solely for the purpose of reviewing drafts is included in every flat rate. Before a petition is submitted, multiple checks are conducted to minimize delays. Most calls from clients are taken immediately. Any voicemail messages and emails from clients are usually returned the same day. Clients are contacted immediately when CIS contacts the office for any reason. Clients receive a full copy of whatever is submitted at no additional cost to them.

This office goes above and beyond the professional duty to preserve our clients' confidences. We shred all documents with personal information on a daily basis and use only wired connections to computers used for drafting.

We are particularly attentive to the client's needs and convenience. We offer very reasonable flat fees for most services with no hidden costs like copy expenses and postage expenses. Weekend and evening appointments can be easily arranged. We can accommodate most requests for expedited drafting and submission without requiring additional fees.

More information about adjustment of status (green card) applications and fiance applications can be found at the website. Low-cost workshops for marriage-based green card applications will be starting in June. Please call the office to sign up or to request more information.

To fellow members of the craigslist community:
Please, be especially careful with posts here that do not identify the particular office (either its location or its attorneys). These anonymous posters may be unlawfully practicing law or may be attorneys not fully complying with the State Bar's rules regarding advertisements. You can also look up attorneys' State Bar records at The California State Bar allows public access to important information regarding attorneys licensed by the State Bar to practice law in the state. It is one of the most important resources in finding the right attorney for your case. Many of the posts claiming "superior" and "unmatched" service are from attorneys hiding their bottom-tier credentials. Some advertisers who post in SF Bay Area craigslist report an office address to the State Bar that is hundreds of miles away. See what else some attorneys may be hiding in their ads.

Be a smart consumer. Ask about costs for services. Ask what their flat rates include (filing fees, additional consultations, copies, postage, etc.). Ask where they went to school and if they are members of the State Bar. Confirm what you read in the ads with the attorneys' State Bar profiles. The extra bit of work will protect you from those unlawfully practicing law and attorneys who make grand unrealistic promises and use marketing practices that many attorneys find distasteful such as client "testimonials" (really, even the worst attorney can find one client who will agree to say something nice) and claims of 100% approval rates (just sad).

Craigslist advertiser since 2005. Located only one block away from the downtown Berkeley BART station and the UC Berkeley campus.

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