DIVORCE ATTORNEY:Very Experienced, Affordable, Free Phone Consultation (Alameda & San Rafael offices, USA)

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

DIVORCE ATTORNEY:Very Experienced, Affordable, Free Phone Consultation (Alameda & San Rafael offices, USA)

A fresh start, a clean slate, reclaiming your life, a new beginning. If you are ready to end a toxic or unhealthy relationship, I will be your advocate for closure and a new beginning.

For more than 20 years attorney Gerard A. Falzone has counseled and represented clients in all San Francisco Bay Area counties in divorce and family law litigation, mediation, and settlements including:

Legal Separation
Annulment of Marriage
Premarital Legal Counseling
Pre-divorce Legal Counseling
Marital Property Agreements
Community Property Rights and Division
Marital Settlement Agreements
Child Custody and Visitation
Child Support
Spousal Support
Pension Division
Tax Aspects of Divorce
Restraining Orders
Paternity Cases
Post-Judgment Child Custody Modifications
Post-Judgment Child Support Modifications
Post-Judgment Spousal Support Modifications

I will resolve your case as quickly, inexpensively, and amicably as possible. Through competent, caring, and empathetic representation, as aggressive as necessary, I will keep you fully informed and in control of every step of the process. Very reasonable rates. U.C. Berkeley (Boalt Hall) Law graduate.

My service to you includes providing the most cost effective alternatives to resolving your case or situation. I provide full legal representation, including being your attorney for court proceedings. I also provide legal counsel and advice to people who wish to file and resolve their cases themselves, who need assistance in beginning, negotiating, preparing for court and completing their cases. My guidance and support for an affordable, successful divorce or other legal proceeding gives my clients more financial flexibility during this recession.

Convenient Alameda and San Rafael offices. Evening and weekend appointments available. My hours are flexible to suit your needs. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

I encourage you to call my offices anytime, including on the weekends, at: 510 521.9500 or 415 482.7800, for a free initial telephone consultation or to schedule an appointment, or you may contact me by e-mail at gerard@gfalzonelaw.com.

Please see my web site for more information: http://www.gfalzonelaw.com

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