Dragonwave Installer (LA, USA)

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dragonwave Installer (LA, USA)

Dragonwave Installer
Job Title: Installer
Reports to: Senior Director of GIS Services

1. Responsible for Microwave path installation, path alignment, software upgrades and configuration for DragonWave equipment.
2. Duties include IDU and modem installation including DC power wiring, grounding, ethernet cabling, and I.F. coax cables.
3. Coordination with other technicians to complete Microwave links, utilizing tower crew members to align Microwave dishes and achieve desired RSL levels.
4. Documentation and reporting of completed Microwave links and completing Pre-commissioning checklists for new links to document any issues before bringing new links on air.
5. Must be DragonWave certified with experience in Modem installation and pathing the link with the tower climber.
6. Thorough understanding of circuit testing and equipment operation.
7. Understanding of Microwave and/or digital transmission is desirable.
8. Strong computer skills, IP networking knowledge desired. Familiarity with DWDM test equipment.
9. Understanding of Ethernet, IP addressing and subnets is beneficial.
10. Excellent problem solving and equipment trouble shooting skills.
11. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
12. Ability to work independently.
13. Must have a laptop and basic telecom hand tools.
14. Valid driver's license and able to pass required drug screening/background checks.
Extensive regional travel required

Please apply to this position through our Job Application page or email employment@ramnsco.com

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