Earn shares in American land (Exurban areas of major U.S. cities )

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Earn shares in American land (Exurban areas of major U.S. cities )

As the value of the US dollar declines, many people are investing in gold and commodities to protect and grow their wealth. Land is probably the best possible hedge against inflation. The supply cannot be increased and it would be difficult for any group to manipulate the price - and carefully purchased land can increase in value and yielding large profits. Researching, buying and maintaining a diversified investment in land has, in the past, been difficult for an individual.

Limited partnerships, however, makes it possible for everyone to own American land. The general partners find and maintain the property. They do not charge any commissions or fees - 100% of the limited partners investment is used for purchase an maintenance of the properties. All holdings and transactions are available to the partners on a private web site at all times.

You can earn shares in American Land by promoting our partnerships in areas inside and outside the United States. Are you interested? Look at http://www.PrepareForInflation.com - and if you would like to represent us, send me a message. John@PrepareForInflation.com . Our partnerships are advertised on Bloomberg Financial radio and web site, DrudgeReport.com and Curtis Sliwa radio show on Apple Radio and web site.

Hiring Organization: Exhibit Hall Management, LLC.

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