Free Legal Advice - Immigration, Civil and Criminal Matters (Canada)

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Free Legal Advice - Immigration, Civil and Criminal Matters (Canada)

Do you have legal questions that you would like an answer to?

Have you been fired from your job and you're not sure if the package that you have been offered is the maximum that you are entitled to?

Have you been sued as an employer?

Are you having problems enforcing a contract between you and another person or company?

Would you like for a lawyer to review a contract before you sign it and become legally liable?

Have you had an ongoing legal dispute that you would like a mediator to help you settle without having to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees?

Have you been arrested for a criminal matter and released and have a court date coming up?

Do you have relatives that you would like to bring to Canada to either visit you or stay as a permanent residents?

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