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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Get Pardon Service Centre ( Canada

Welcome to Get Pardon Service Centre

Our principles are simple – to assist you in getting the fresh start that you deserve.

Sometimes in life bad choices and errors in judgment are made which can lead to a stain on your credibility known as a criminal record - It doesn't have to stay that way!
Canadian law recognizes that people do earn redemption and as such a Pardon can be achieved.

At Get Pardon Service Centre we are committed to earning your trust by professionally assisting you in the processing of your Pardon application.
It may be that you need a Pardon for a particular career, for a security clearance or simply for your own peace of mind.

Whatever the reason, Get Pardon Service Centre will ensure that your Pardon application is processed professionally and promptly and most of all in complete confidence. We understand that legal issues can be complicated, bureaucratic and often frustrating. At Get Pardon, we look after all the paperwork including collecting all the necessary information required in order to successfully process your Pardon application. The successful processing of your Pardon application is absolutely paramount to the service we provide.

Helping you achieve a “fresh start” matters to us and you can be certain that our team of professionals will work diligently on your behalf.

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Professional letter writing/preparation including demand letters • Document serving/process serving • Legal research - Apply Now or Call Us Today at 604.540.2224 or TOLL FREE 1.877.540.2224 visit us @

Get Pardon is a division of Groundforce Group Corp.

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  1. Canadian citizens with a criminal record can apply for a pardon to demonstrate that they are now of good-standing. A pardon does not erase the past but it will give you back your dignity and self esteem.

    US Waivers For Canadians


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