Immigration Lawyer Cracking down crooked consultants/ representatives (Toronto-Dundas-Bathurst-Bay-Wellesley, Canada)

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Immigration Lawyer Cracking down crooked consultants/ representatives (Toronto-Dundas-Bathurst-Bay-Wellesley, Canada)

This ad has been flagged many times by fraudsters and those other individuals who are engaged in the unauthorized practice of law or unauthorized provision of legal services, including those individuals who called themselves "SPECIALIST" when they have not been designated such credential by the Law Society of Upper Canada.


Please read the following news link regarding government cracking down on crooked immigration consultants.

Before you answer an ad for a legal representative, remember to ask the following questions:

1) How can I verify the identity and qualification of an individual who claims to be a lawyer if he/she only provides a phone number or an email address on the ad?

2) Can I trust an individual who refuses or reluctant to disclose his/her name? Why the secrecy?

3) Whether the individual is actually a "certified specialist" recognized by the Law Society of Upper Canada? Is he/she misrepresenting himself/herself to be a specialist?

4) Does the individual have professional liability insurance coverage?

5) Does the individual have the legal authority to invoke solicitor-client privilege against external or governmental authorities in order to protect my rights and interests if I disclose information to him/her?

Putting a FACE to a NAME: A key to preventing becoming a victim of subpar services or scams.

Be wary of people who are reluctant or refuse to disclose their identity, qualifications and contact information, as they may have unscrupulous intentions of accepting your hard-earned money in exchange for inferior and/or unlicensed service. When seeking a legal representative through free listing websites, consumers would be wise to dismiss an advertisement that fails to candidly provide this fundamentally important information up front. Do not be a victim. Protect yourself by ensuring that you can accurately identify and confirm the identity and qualifications of those individuals who claim to offer legal services to you.

In a recent article of the Law Times, a representative of the LSUC warns: “If the person claiming to be a lawyer or paralegal licensee is not listed in the database or if there is a discrepancy with the person’s address or other information, it is quite possible that he or she is a fraudster and/or engaged in the unauthorized practice of law or unauthorized provision of legal services.”

To verify whether an individual is a lawyer licensed to practice law and to provide legal services in the Province of Ontario, you may do so through the Law Society of Upper Canada's directory database link here: Report any individual or legal service provider (who are called paralegal, consultant or agent), to the Law Society of Upper Canada, if he/she is practicing law without a license or misrepresenting that he/she is a specialist, or holding himself/herself out to be a lawyer qualified to practice law and providing legal services to the public in the Province of Ontario.

Vinh Tran – The Toronto Mobile Lawyer, Notary Public , puts his face, name, qualifications, contact information and most importantly, his integrity as a lawyer in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada behind all legal services he offers to the public. You may verify his membership with the Law Society of Upper Canada from the directory database link here These are fundamental information that every trustworthy legal representative should disclose upfront. Honest and transparent legal services that you can depend on to advocate on your behalf, defend your rights, and claim the interests for which you are entitled.


We bring legal services to your door! We make house calls. We make home visits. We visit your corporate business offices. We believe that Access to Justice is a Right for All. Let Right Prevail.

Let our firm advocate on your behalf, defend your rights, and claim the interests for which you are entitled. Our firm can clarify the law and provide you with advice and assistance in the areas of civil litigation, business and entertainment law, bankruptcy and insolvency, estates and wills, independent legal advice, intellectual property, immigration law, and notarial services .

It is time to put your legal problems in our hands. Expect honesty, transparency, clarity, and simplicity in legal advice. Count on accurate, complete and on point legal research. Demand aggressive negotiation skills and strong advocacy representation. Finally, anticipate positive results and transparent legal fees.

Vinh Tran, Barrister & Solicitor, Notary Public, Commissioner of Oaths
Dragon City Chinatown Shopping Mall
Sun Wa Post Office
280 Spadina Avenue
P.O. Box 67543 Dundas/Spadina RPO
Toronto, Ontario M5T 3B8

Phone: (647) 209-7389

ALL Inquiries and Appointments MUST be Made via E-mail.

ABSOLUTELY NO drop-in available.

Vinh Tran is the Toronto Mobile Lawyer. Mr. Tran can travel to you to provide legal services.

On most days Mr. Tran is either in Court, at the Great Law Library, or at a client's home or place of business. Therefore, the preferred method of communication is via email. If your matter is time sensitive, please email our office at the above mentioned email address. Often, Mr. Tran can provide an email response within a couple of hours, if not sooner. We invite all general inquiries via email.

Appointments after hours and during the weekends are available upon advance request.


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