UK Immigration Services for a Hassle Free Relocation!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

UK Immigration Services for a Hassle Free Relocation!

Are you considering relocating to the UK? Great choice! You can make your move smoother and hassle free by using a UK Immigration Services company to facilitate immigration and visa services as well as tax services. Obtaining your travel visa whether you are coming to the UK or visiting elsewhere from the UK can be handled smoothly, making your vacation more enjoyable.

Obtaining your visa is not a simple process with all the changes being made to the UK immigration system in our post-9/11 era. Making a mistake may have long-term consequences. It’s important to find a UK immigration service company who utilize trained professionals who complete up-to-date training in order to keep up with the ever-changing laws.

There are many types of visas and finding a company that can handle them all is important:

1. Visitors
2. Students
3. Dependent of Work Permit holders,
4. Ancestral and Dependent Visas,
5. Spouse,
6. Certificate of Approval,
7. Fiancé and Unmarried Partner Visas,
8. Civil Partnership Agreement,
9. EEA Family visas,
10. Worker registration and Dependants,
11. Indefinite Leave to Remain (Residency).

Understanding all of the available visas will ensure that you are advised on the best visa for your situation.

Thinking of extending your stay?

The Tier 1 (General) category forms part of the new Australian styled Points Base System introduced into the UK Immigration system and replaced the HSMP from 29 June 2008. If you are in the UK under the HSMP programme, you will need to change to the Tier 1 category if you wish to extend your stay. A UK immigration service company can help you make the appropriate changes when the time comes.

Some of the considerations to claim points are as follows:
1. Qualifications
2. Past Earnings
3. Age Assessment
4. UK Experience (work or study)
5. Mandatory English language requirement
6. Mandatory Maintenance requirement

Work Permits or Travel Visas

There are numerous work permits to choose: Ordinary, Business and Commercial, Intra-Company Transfer, Change of Employment, Switch & Business and Commercial Extension Applications. Understanding the changes of the new Tier 2 category that replaced the older work permit schemes can help you decide which work permit is best for you.

Need a travel visa? Avoid the hassle of waiting in a queue all day and wasting a day of work. A UK immigration service can help you obtain the proper travel visa to help you enjoy hassle-free holidays.

Other Services

Other services that UK immigration services such as The Smooth Group can handle for you are:

1. Job hunting
2. Securing your NI number (National Insurance Number akin to SSN in the United States)
3. Help you maximize your earning potential through recruitment companies and umbrella companies
4. Opening a bank account

Would you like to make your life smoother and find out more about UK Immigration Service?

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