renewable energy (worldwide)

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

renewable energy (worldwide)

We are an international civil and mechanical engineering consulting firm specializing in renewable
energies: Solar, wind, biomass (and other alternative fuel) fueled combined heat and power plants (CHP)
and green, zero emissions plus community development. Our firm develops turnkey green projects
including; site selection, power purchase agreements, permitting, design, construction, O&M. We have
$50 billion dollars worth of projects in engineering, construction and in-house financing worldwide. We
have $1 trillion dollars in available funds for good solid, well presented renewable energy projects. Our
minimum project size requirement is $200 million. We are currently looking for aggressive deal-makers
who are experienced in the renewable energies arena. These individuals must be fully acquainted with
Federal and State REC’s, EU and international ROCs, offset agreements, power purchase agreements and
carbon trading terms. They must also be able to demonstrate that they understand these concepts in the
context of the carbon reduction requirements delineated in the Kyoto Protocol. Finally, they must
understand and be able to apply these ideas in structuring deals for our engineering and in-house
financing company. Project requirements are strict. Developers must be able to provide written
documentation supporting the technical, managerial, and financial capacity to perform their project in the
form of professionally written executive summaries, business plans, power purchase agreements, land
lease options, land lease/utility, corporate/utility contracts that just need engineering, construction, O&M
contracts and green financing. Projects must be shovel ready with PPA in hand,or the contract for the
purchase of their product in hand. If you are such an developer contact
to discuss your project in greater depth.


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