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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


H-1B Visa Lawyer

Processing all H-1B Visa needs & U.S. immigration law matters

START YOUR APPLICATION FOR THE APRIL 1, 2010 H-1B VISA FILING TODAY!!! Don’t wait until the last minute!

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Our H-1B Visa Pledge:
A 100% commitment to processing your case quickly and successfully

Strong H1B Visa experience & knowledge of how to meet H1B requirements

Open communication and responsiveness is among our top priority

Providing the highest level of service at an affordable FLAT rate

Applications can be submitted in as little as a few days.

Our H-1B Visa Services

April 1, 2010 cap-subject filings

Regular cap filings

Master’s cap filings

H-1b visa cap-exempt filings

H-1b Visa transfers, extensions, and renewals

AC21 extensions

H-1b Visas for all occupations & professions

H-1b1 Visa filings for nationals of Chile and Singapore

Please see the following link on our website for more information: H-1b Visa .

H-1B Visa tips

Start your application TODAY as it should be ready to be filed several weeks before April 1, 2010.

Don’t wait until the last minute as the application preparation process can take time.

While the cap didn’t fill up quickly last year, BUT it certainly did in the two prior years. Don’t take the risk – get your application going today.

Make sure you have a job offer for a specialty occupation and you meet the H-1b requirements.

Make sure your employer is agreeable to sponsor you.

Consult with a lawyer. Contact us at or 212-643-0985/800-673-1120 to begin your case or obtain a free consultation.

What do people say about Lightman Law Firm:

Very Reasonable Fees & Professional Service

Superior Knowledge on Immigration Law

Qualified and Experienced

Without Delay or Surprises

Faster than others

Honest and Open Communication

Quick, Professional, and Accurate

Please see the following link for client testimonials: Testimonial

To find out more information regarding the H-1b Visa and Lightman Law Firm, please visit the following link: H-1b Visa

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