Executive & VIP Protection *Bodyguards * Counter-Terrorism Training (PAKISTAN)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Executive & VIP Protection *Bodyguards * Counter-Terrorism Training (PAKISTAN)

Our staff consists of former government, law enforcement, and individuals from elite counter-terrorism units who currently work globally providing high-risk security/protective services. Our clients include: government, multinational corporations, T.V., film and celebrity personalities.

Our services have been requested for:

* G8/G20 Summit Security * Toronto Film Festival * Olympic Security * Board of Directors Meetings * Executive Retreats *
* High Risk Terminations * Workplace Violence/Stalking * Pageant Security * Product Launches * Award Ceremonies * Galas
* VIP Visits * Dignitary Protection * Travel Security (Overseas) * Witness Protection * Court Hearings (Escort)

Mr. Sunil Ram
Director of Operations
Instructor for VIP Protection Units

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