Chile Law Firm Chilean Lawyers Abogados Attorneys Estudio Juridico (chile immigration firm)

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chile Law Firm Chilean Lawyers Abogados Attorneys Estudio Juridico (chile immigration firm)

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About Sebastian Limeres, Founding Partner: Born in Manhattan, NY, (1972); at the age of ten his family relocated to South America, where he grew up and spent the next twenty years living in a Spanish speaking country; he graduated as a Juris Doctor/Attorney from the most prestigious Law School in South America while also working in the court system to later move on to private practice; at the age of thirty Mr. Limeres relocated back to San Francisco, CA where he passed the CA DRE Broker’s exam. While living in California, he worked for the nation’s most prominent law firm (Jones Day) until he took over as a Broker of Record for a duly licensed California Mortgage Bank; Mr. Limeres is listed in the California Department of Real Estate as a Licensed Officer and Broker of Record. He also worked for the Legal Department of Oracle USA, Inc., a software Company, with headquarters in the Silicon Valley, in Redwood Shores, California. In this capacity he acted as their head of management for all their financial contracts in the Latin-American countries in which they operate (Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia, among others).

Mr. Limeres’ added value compared to all his Spanish & bilingual attorney-colleagues is being a native U.S. citizen who has lived and worked eighteen years in the USA -in both the East and West Coasts, for extremely long periods- as well as having lived another twenty years in South America. The main reason why so many clients retain his services is because he can understand them much better than most other foreign attorneys who have few if no U.S. or International experience at all. This is due to having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and Manhattan while in the USA, and in South America.
Mr. Limeres travels back and forth on a very frequent basis and is in constant contact and up to date with both cultures.

Mr. Limeres is the founding partner of a law firm with a staff of unique skilled attorneys; The Law Firm’s fees are extremely reasonable and down to earth. The entire staff has lived and worked in the USA: The firm has the policy to only works with people who can understand its clients culture and language.

These are among the cases the firm handles:

• Estates, Probate Process, Divorce, Legal Separation, Complex Property Division, Wills and Trusts.
• Immigration Law: Visas, Driver's License, ID's, Passports, Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates.
• Business Formation and Disputes, Real Estate Litigation, Landlord & Tenant Disputes.
• Banking/Financial, Collections, Real Estate Purchasing, Mortgage Financing.
• Foreign Claims, Foreign Investment, International Transportation.
• E-Commerce, Start-ups, Software Financing Contracts.
• Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents.

Today, Limeres, Barassi & Ves Losada – Attorneys’ law firm has an active presence in all Spanish speaking countries through its many correspondents and legal partners; The firm advises individuals as well as small, medium and large companies; The entire legal team is fully bilingual" in both Spanish & English, and specialize in assisting the U.S. community throughout The Americas.

This said, if you are looking for well-qualified attorneys in any South American / Latin American / Spanish Speaking country, please feel free to send an email and we will reply as soon as possible. If we do not cover your area of law or jurisdiction, we have a vast network of attorneys from different countries, backgrounds and expertise’s, who we should be able to refer you to.

Please call for a free initial consultation or visit our website and send us a message:


Limeres, Barassi Ves Losada - Attorneys
USA: +1(650) 395-7313
Skype: slimeres

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