CEQ Controller in Dubai (uae)

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

CEQ Controller in Dubai (uae)

Job Title: CEQ Controller.

An exclusive role with Emirates Computers, this CEQ Controller Job in Dubai requires you to fulfil the following steps to be eligible:

1. Click Open


2. Click on the "Current Job Vacancies" Link.

3. View the "CEQ Controller" vacancy.

4. Follow the instructions to register and apply.


• Establishing processes for department/ functions under his/her responsibility

• Identifying areas of potential internal control and areas for improving operational performance.

• Getting involved in the design and review of organizational processes according to standards; introducing new practices for control and quality; providing and amending standards, procedures, and processes.

• Ensuring that the agreed operational control, efficiency, and standards within the organization are adhered to, and that best practice is promulgated throughout the organization.

• Evaluating procedures for evidence of deficiencies in controls, duplication of efforts, or failure to comply with organizational policies or procedural standards; evaluating the impact on activities and recommending changes.

Performing these duties impartially, without compromising the integrity of the job function.
• Performing operational checks to provide management with objective analysis of activities; preparing reports and communicating results to the management.

• Analyzing, evaluating and resolving complex internal control and operational system problems; ensuring the processes and team performance meet its organizational objectives; reviewing reports, contracts and financial records for accuracy, clarity and completeness.

• Implementing MSA (Measuring Accuracy, Efficiency and Timeliness of Transactions, postings).

• Identifying and benchmarking performance of teams; identifying training needs, management focus, and resources.

• Reporting scope for improvements on input and output processes.


• Bachelor or Master's degree in Computing or Business Administration.

• Must have relevant certification in ISO, Six Sigma and ITIL.

• Must have minimum of 2 years experience as a Process Quality Auditor in a service related industry.

• Effective English communication skills required (written & oral).

Knowledge of Arabic would be an added advantage.

• Should be adept at people management & internal client handling.

• Ability to foster a cooperative work environment.

• Ability to analyze and solve problems.


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