Netherlands Working Holiday Visas

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Netherlands Working Holiday Visas

Working Holiday visas are not generally appropriate for filling vacancies so senior that you would otherwise consider a full work permit; they are only available for citizens of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The intention behind the scheme is to allow young (age 18-30) Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders to visit the Netherlands for up to 12 months and to permit them to supplement their income by working during their holiday, which should be their main purpose of travel.

The Netherlands are keen that working holidaymakers do not become destitute and thus risk becoming a burden on the state, so would-be working holidaymakers need to show that they have at least AUD$3,000 to bring with them to support themselves, if htey already have a return air ticket. Those who only have a single-way ticket should provide evidence of funds exceeding AUD$6,000. Furthermore, WHV candidates are expected to take out insurance to cover possible medical expenses during their working holiday.
Netherlands working holiday visa applications are generally straightforward and can be downloaded from the websites of the Royal Netherlands Embassies in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Candidates will not usually need professional advice and assistance in applying for a Netherlands working holiday visa.

On arrival in the Netherlands, working holidaymakers must:
Report to the local Alien's police within the first eight days and apply for a residence permit (MVV) (the visa alone lets you travel to but does not let you live in the Netherlands

Apply for a temporary employment permit in respect of each temporary job offered (the temporary permits are employer-specific)

Apply for a Tax File number by registering at the Local Town hall
Candidates wishing to obtain a Netherlands Working Holiday Visa should contact the Royal Netherlands Embassy in their country of residence where they can also request an application form.

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