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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Prince Visa Services

The founder of our company "Prince Hayder Ali"- started Prince Visa Service from a small office in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Now with Offices in Bradford, London and Leicester - Prince Visa Service are the leading Middle East visa obtainers in the UK     

Prince Visa Service is a passport/visa agency based in London, UK. The company was started by Prince Hayder Ali in 1978 after diversifying from his travel agency business.

The company progressed rapidly as such services were hardly available and virtually non-existent. People had no time to queue for hours and take time off work. Facing visa formalities was an irritating and arduous task and Prince Visa Service was able to offer a door-to-door visa service.

Today Prince Visa Service is the leading visa agent for Saudi Arabia together with affiliations with the French, Indian and Canadian High commissions. We are able to assist most nationals resident in the UK with their Visa and passport requirements. Our clients include major travel agents, corporate clients as well as individuals.

Since we operate as a postal service, our overheads are much lower than our competitors. Hence we are able to pass these savings onto our customers. Our ever-increasing customer base is testament to our strategy. We are able to provide you with service that is second to none and at a price that can't be beaten.

Our website has been designed to make visa processing simpler. We have provided you with a wealth of information on each country's visa requirement together with all the necessary application forms. And all this for FREE!

Now there is no need to queue for hours and fight with visa formalities. We do it all for you. Remember you get the "royal treatment with Prince Visa Service"!
Prince Visa Service Ltd
PO BOX 65131

020 7730 1207
Phone0844 840 5007
Fax0844 840 5006

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