Hotel Airport Seaport driver (south florida)

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hotel Airport Seaport driver (south florida)

Looking for transportation drivers with a clean driving record ,a broward HACK LICENCE,and valid drivers licence,Also need driver with HACK LICENCE AND CDL to drive 23 passenger mini bus and 15 passenger vans.

Needed for this job.You have to able to lift passengers bags for long periods of time.You have to be able to talk to passengers in a frendly matter,please dont bring problems to work this is a happy place.Black pants white shirt and black shoes when needed.Just need to look nice to present the company.A cell phone,clip board and stapler will be need and can be found at office depot for less then $5.00.Need to have GPS to find houses ,hotels ,condos,airports were ever we need you to pickup passengers.Please email or fax your Hack licence and drivers licence,and CDL LICENCE if you have one.If you have any driver exsperience please add to email or fax thank you and good luck. FAX 1-888-669-4599 this job will pay by the hour.You will be able to work more hours depeding on how flexiable you are,english speaking a must spanish speaking a plus.


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