Immigration Services (VA/MD/DC) United States)

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Immigration Services (VA/MD/DC) United States)

Sean Hanover, an experienced attorney licensed to practice Immigration Law, is available for legal consultation on matters related to immigration, status, visa, and illegal alienship. All discussion are confidential, and discussing your case is free.

What we offer:

    Assistance with Green Card Visa.
    Spouse and children.
    Visas and Hardship/Asylum.
    Criminal Convictions.
    ...and other services as needed for immigration and ICE.

After I discuss your case, we will schedule a meeting with you to complete the retainer paperwork and begin gathering required documents. The Hanover Law firm is friendly, supportive, and on your side!

Hanover Law, PC
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Practice of Law -- Immigration Services Need help getting legal status in the US? Need assistance becoming a citizen? Do you require guidance on legal entry into the US? The Federal Government conducts a Diversity Visa Lottery each year. This lottery allows citizens of other countries to legally enter (and remain for a certain period) into the US. Currently, the US permits over 1 million foreigners legally residing in-country to become Legal Permanent Residents (Green Card Holders), and in some cases, citizens (Naturalized). However, without the help of a well versed Immigration Attorney, the odds of obtaining Citizenship, Green Card status, or approved visas go down significantly. Additionally, challenging circumstances, such as criminal records, abuse, asylum, and persecution -- as well as current undocumented status -- can make seeking the aid of a competent Immigration Attorney critical. We're here to help! Immigration Services Provided in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC USA.


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