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Monday, May 28, 2012

USA Immigration Attorney (United States) ) is an immigration law practice specializing in U.S. Immigration and Nationality law. We represent and have been successful in diverse immigration cases, such as work visas including, but are not limited to, H-1B, Es, Ls; green card cases based on extraordinary ability, national interest waiver and PERM labor certification; family immigration; and Naturalization cases.


Aik Wan Kok Fillali (E: koka at tiyalaw dot com ; T:             703-772-8224      ) has been successful in green card, citizenship and work visa cases, ranging from national interest waivers, extraordinary abilities, outstanding researcher, PERM, family sponsorships, Naturalization, H-1Bs, B-1s, TNs, Es, Ls, and much more.

Mrs. Fillali also speaks Cantonese and Mandarin, and some Bahasa Malaysia. Her immigration representation focuses on analyzing clients' credentials and needs, and evaluating the best immigration options for individuals, companies and families, that would maximize their immigration successes in the least amount of time.

Mrs. Fillali represents companies, individuals and families in U.S. Immigration and Nationality law, in the regions of Washington, D.C., and throughout the United States and worldwide. Mrs. Fillali serves international and multinational corporations and U.S. businesses and diverse industries, and works with all types of professionals, in the areas ranging from companies or entities in U.S. and major stock exchanges, news media, publishing, journalism, science, professorship, higher academic and research institutions, engineering, defense contracting, finance, information technology, geography, and research institutions.

Mrs. Fillali practices law at Tiya. Mrs. Fillali is licensed by the State of California, and a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Mrs. Fillali is also a non-practicing Barrister at Law in England. Prior to practicing law at Tiya, Mrs. Fillali was immigration professionals with international and other law firms in the United States. Mrs. Fillali has been in the U.S. Immigration and Nationality law field since at least early 1999. Mrs. Fillali writes frequently on updates in U.S. Immigration and Nationality law.


Tiya provides specialized immigration services in U.S. Immigration & Nationality law. Aik Wan Kok Fillali, Attorney at Law, specializes in immigration services and cases in U.S. Immigration & Nationality law. Our immigration services include, but are not limited to:
Employment-Based Permanent Residence Cases:

Employment-Based Preference 1 category (EB-1)
1. Extraordinary Ability Alien
2. Outstanding Researcher
3. Intracompany Managers/Executive Transfer

Employment-based preference 2 category (EB-2)
4. National Interest Waiver

Employment-Based Preference 3 category (EB-3)

Employment-Based Nonimmigrant Cases:
7. B-1/B-2 Extension
8. F-1 Student Status
9. E-1 Treaty Trader
10. E-2 Investor Visa
11. H-1B Nonimmigrant Worker
12. H-2B
13. H-3 Trainee Program
14. J Status
15. L-1 Intra-company Transfer
16. O-1 Extraordinary Ability
17. TN Treaty National

Family-Based Nonimmigrant Cases:
18. K-1 Fiancé Visa
19. K-3 Spouse Visa
20. Other Dependents

Family-Based Green Card Cases:
21. Immigrant Petition for Alien Relatives (Spouse, Children, Parents and Siblings)

Other Green Card Cases:
22. Renewal of Green Card
23. Replacement of Green Card
24. Absences from the U.S.

Naturalization/Citizenship Cases:
25. Naturalization Application
26. Replacement of Naturalization Certificate

Industries and Clients

Tiya and Mrs. Fillali provide immigration services and legal representation to and have achieved successes in, diverse industries and/or client base of entities, families and individuals, within and outside the United States including, but are not limited to, businesses and/or individuals in:

• Multinational and international entities listed in the U.S. and major stock exchanges
• Defense contracting entities
• Multinational and international news and media entities
• Local and other government
• Universities, higher and research institutions
• Publishing entities
• Healthcare and hospitals
• Logistic entities
• International organization

Specifically, Tiya and Mrs. Fillali have been serving and achieving successes in various important industries and with professionals in areas such as: information technology, science, engineering, financial services, publishing, journalism, local and foreign government agencies, academia, compliance publishing, physics, art, professorship, biotechnology and biomedicine, engineering, and much more.


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