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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chinese translation service

This is Lyn from XIAMEN Target Language Translation Service Co., LTD in China. We supply translation service with high quality and competitive price. We hope to be your translation contractor. Below language pairs is what we do for most of them: Chinese English USD0.045/Chinese word Chinese Japanese USD0.075/Chinese word Chinese Korean USD0.075/Chinese word Chinese German USD0.085/Chinese word Chinese French USD0.085/Chinese word Chinese Russian USD0.085/Chinese word Chinese Spanish USD0.095/Chinese word Chinese Portuguese USD0.095/Chinese word Chinese Italian USD0.095/Chinese word Chinese Arabic USD0.095/Chinese word Chinese Thai USD0.11/Chinese word Chinese Vietnamese USD0.11/Chinese word Chinese Malay USD0.11/Chinese word Chinese Indonesian USD0.11/Chinese word English Simplified Chinese USD0.06/English word English Traditional Chinese USD0.075/English word English Korean USD0.115/English word English Japanese USD0.115/English word English German USD0.125/English word English French USD0.125/English word English Russian USD0.135/English word English Spanish USD0.135/English word English Portuguese USD0.135/English word English Italian USD0.135/English word English Arabic USD0.135/English word English Thai USD0.145/English word English Vietnamese USD0.145/English word English Indonesian USD0.160/English word English Malay USD0.160/English word English Cantonese USD0.065/English word Above price just for reference,final documentation will be re-checked for final price.More qty,the price will be less. About our working mode: 1. Negotiate and undertake translation projects (Business Department) 2. Evaluate the difficulty of the project (Project Manager) 3. Choose the most suitable translator and proofreader, establish project group 4. Convey the requirements to members of the project group and unify the usage of terminology 5. Translate and proofread 6. Technical experts check the translation to ensure it is professional 7. Language experts check the translation to ensure the fluency of translation 8. Typesetting Department starts to typeset 9. Send to customers for confirmation and use 10. Store the terminology into translation database for future reference. Translation - revision- proofreading-verification-OK-Customer feedback. please do not hesitate to let me know. I am very glad to help!many thanks, Xiamen Target Language Translation Service Co., Ltd. Address:Rm.1505 of Zhongguanwei Building, No.337 of Jiahe Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China P.C.:361009 Unified Nationwide Call:400-6600-210 Tel.:86-592-2963957 5129163 Fax: 86-592-2963967 Email:


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