Job in Canada with an LMO (Labour Market Opinion)

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Job in Canada with an LMO (Labour Market Opinion)

Hello and good day, I want to inform every jobseeker who is interested to immigrate to Canada through any program or job offer, you must be sure before sending the payments to the agency or someone, there are a lot of scam and fake companies rooming in Canada right now,

I got 2 fake job offers from Canada, so please be careful before proceeding.

Khan jee
skype. lalakhanjee


  1. dear all,kindly do something to get this fraudster arrested,right now interpool are hurting for him but need more complains and proofs kindly contact interpool to log your complains pls do it now send your complains now.this guy kept cheating people all around the world.he collected 19,000usd again.dan pop kept stealing from the poor job seeker.


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