Scam Alert. (Canada)

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scam Alert. (Canada)

Hi, today i was searching a job in Canada and i found a company named Duichlas Corporate Services. Personnel & Recruitment Division Canada. The name of the person is Douglas Sather, First they told me that they can find a job for me for just $45, but he give me an idea! they told me you have to buy US phone number from skype and change your name from Khan jee to Fred Perry, so then they can represent me and find a job for me. But i thought that how he can find job for just $45, i told him that please first find a job and then i can pay you your fee, so he ignored and told me that you have to pay our fee otherwise we will put your name on employers blacklist directory, because you are not paying me and you have waste our time. So, i request to everyone that there are a lot of scam and fraud companies they are using different kind of methods like this one that they are using to threaten people to pay otherwise they will blacklist their name, i was personally the victim or Canadian fake job offers scam in 3 times, i received 2 fake job offers from Canada, you will be amazed to hear that the both companies are registered and legal companies working with ICCRC and other Canadian concerned authorities.

So, i request to everyone that please don't pay and don't trust them without any proof, If you need any more information against this firm so please let me know i can provide more details.

The company name and details are listed below.

Name. Douglas Sather
Phone. 587.287.5129
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