Want to migrate to Canada? Want to work in Canada? WE CAN HELP!

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Want to migrate to Canada? Want to work in Canada? WE CAN HELP!

Hi there, Are you sick and tired of sending out hundreds of resumes and not receiving a response? Do you ever wonder why you do not receive any responses? Have you created your Applicant Professional Portfolio? Do you have loved ones in your country back home who want to live and work in Canada? If so, you have begun your journey in the right direction by clicking on this posting! My name is Nidhi and I am a Foreign Worker Specialist working for Global Hire. Global Hire is a licenced staffing agency that specializes in local, national and international recruitment for employers in Canada. Our primary focus is to assist you by matching you with the right employer based on your specific needs. Global Hire has an ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) member on staff that provides Immigration Services as well. We will assist you with: - Work Permit Applications - IATS Training Courses (Some include: Oil & Gas Certification, Nanny Training,and much more!) (More information: http://www.i-a-t-s.com/services.html) - Extension on the Work Permit - Permanent Residency in Canada We also provide relocation Assistance (S.I.N., Banking, temporary accommodation, Health Care and ESL schooling, etc.) if you are new to the province and do not know anyone here. Kindly contact me for any questions, concerns or more information. I look forward to assisting you to succeed in your dream goals in migrating to Canada and finding suitable employment that suit your needs. Best Regards, Nidhi Badhan International Employment Specialist BIP | Global Hire Services Ltd. Skype: nidhi.bip 780-782-0597 www.beinternationalpeople.com www.globalhire.ca www.i-a-t-s.com

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