Canadian Employers using Immigration and Recruitment Firms

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Canadian Employers using Immigration and Recruitment Firms

Hi friends,

I am searching my job in Canada from the last 5 to 10 years. But i am still unable to secure my job, i am applying everyday for Canada jobs. There are many Canada job websites providing service free of cost. The best sites are,, and

I searched all of them and you will strange to hear that there is no reply from the employers that i applied. I was thinking all the time about this situation. Why no one able to respond me.

Now i realized that why they are not responding to the jobseekers directly. Actually they are using Recruitment / Employment Agencies and Immigration Firms to offer jobs. There is very little way that they offer a job directly to the jobseeker.

In the other words, they are using Recruitment/Immigration Law firms to evaluate the candidates and recruit them through the Recruitment and Immigration Firms. But now the Immigration Firms and Canadian Employment Agencies are charging fee in dollars. They are asking thousands of dollars from jobseekers from around the world to give them job offer and process their LMO or LMIA, Labour Market Impact Assessment Letter, and work permit as well.

And about the US and UK Employment procedure, actually you can apply directly to jobs rather than you use Immigration and Recruitment Firms, so you can apply directly through internet for jobs.

I will be very appreciate your comments if you have in your mind.

skype. lalakhanjee

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